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What is UFLS?

United-Forum For Legal Studies is an organisation/society, a professionally-supported blog established with the primary objective of promoting and publishing quality legal research on contemporary legal issues. UFLS also aims to act as a medium of discussion between various stakeholders of the legal industry through legal research and writing. With assured outreach across the diverse spectrum of the industry, our forum is an ideal place for the writing community to publish their thoughts on contemporary legal issues.


1.For Legal Awareness in Society.

2.We aim to develop a further dialogue between scholars working in the board discipline of law on contemporary issues.

3.To provide a forum for promoting their work and a space in which students and scholars from a variety of background can discuss ideas and share knowledge and experience.

4.We hope to inspire and encourage students to move from early career researchers to established scholars.

5.We emphasize the purpose of Forum to include the promotion of historical as well as a modern approach to legal research.


In these times of pandemic, we have witnessed a lot on the deteriorating condition of human rights in our country. And we are happy to tell you that for this reason, only our team have started a free legal advice portal on our website also free legal advice portal, anyone can seek #probono #legaladvice from anywhere in the globe in just a few minutes. If anyone wants to contribute to the cause they all are welcome. And they can register themselves on become a member So god bless us all and hope for the best. 

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